Upgrade to KDE 4.5 makes additional items on taskbar

Frank Weng (a.k.a. Franklin) franklin at goodhorse.idv.tw
Tue Aug 17 13:19:41 BST 2010

Thanks for your detail explanation.  I really appreciate it.

在 週二 17 八月 2010 14:42:57,Duncan 寫道:
> I'm not seeing it here.  Gentoo, 4.5 from the gentoo/kde overlay.  Thanks
> for attaching the screen shot, BTW, or it'd have been difficult to believe
> that plasma-desktop would be showing /itself/ -- it certainly doesn't do
> so by default.  FWIW, I've no idea at all what gcin is.

Sorry.  gcin is the input method for Chinese.  It should just have an icon in 
the tray, and launch a window when need to input Chinese characters.
> That should return you to the specific window settings dialog, now with a
> bit of info about the window you picked filled in on the first and second
> tabs.  Again adjust these as appropriate.  You want to always match the
> window in question, but not match too much... perhaps other windows of the
> same app, etc.  So if the title changes, you can't use exact match on
> that, tho you might be able to use contains, or simply ignore that.
> Similarly with the other items, except they shouldn't be as likely to
> change.  On the top of the first tab, be sure to fill in an appropriate
> description, as this is what it'll be listed with in the window rules
> dialog.

Going here, after detecting the window properties.  4.png is what I got for 
these two windows.

And, please take a look at 3.png.  you can see these two weird windows.
Inside the window is a transparent thing, just like a ghost.

If I close the window from the x mark in the upright corner, the whole 
application would be closed.  That is, gcin would be closed and re-launched 
again since it is the input method.  And if I close the plasma-desktop one, 
the whole plasma-desktop would be gone!!

> With gcin I think it should work, at least if you can get a window to
> show, for you to click on.  With the plasma-desktop window... I really
> don't know, as I'm not sure what part of it is showing up in the taskbar
> that shouldn't be, and thus, am not sure exactly how it's going to work.
> Certainly, you can click anywhere on the desktop or panels, and that's
> plasma-desktop.  No problem there.  But the question is, is that the
> window that's showing in the task manager?  Or is there something else
> going on, some other window associated with plasma-desktop, showing up?
> I hope that helps...

Later some time, I may remove my .kde4 folder and start from the very 
beginning again.  However, last time I tried it, there is still one window.

Also, have I mentioned that I'm using Mandriva KDE 4.5 packages?

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