Printing and cups: KDE removes filter entrys!

Wilhelm wilhelm.meier at
Sun Aug 15 17:05:51 BST 2010

Hi all,

we are using cupsd / smbspool for printing to printers hosted on a
remote windows printserver. Therefore the cups-clients need to to the
filtering local. So I setup the local printers.conf to include the
nessesary filter definitions. Up to this point all is well and printing

The problem seems to be the KDE printer-mgr. If someone logs into the
client using a KDE session, the kde startup procedure somehow removes
the filter entrys from printers.conf and then I have printers.conf
(modified, without the filter definitions) and printers.conf.0 (the
previous working one).

If I set cupsd to LogLevel debug, it says that it is modifying

So, the question is: how do I prevent KDE from sending modifying
requests to cupsd or how do I refuse those modifications ?


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