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Fri Aug 13 19:08:33 BST 2010

member dhave posted on Fri, 13 Aug 2010 08:19:39 -0400 as excerpted:

> Using KDE 4.4.5, my kicker menu is now completely blank. When I use the
> "Kickoff" mode, only the tab appear (Favorite, Applications, Computer,
> etc.). Nothing is shown in the menu area.
> If I switch to classic mode, all my menus and submenus are intact.
> Can anyone tell me what to do to get my Kickoff menu back?

Hmm...  At first I was thinking the vars pointing it to the correct menu 
config location weren't in sync with where the menu actually was, but that 
can't be, or it'd affect classic as well (and it'd only affect the apps 
menu).  It's gotta be a problem with kickoff itself, since classic works, 
and /all/ menus are affected in kickoff.

Three things to check, to at least get a better idea where the problem is:

1) Try disabling effects.  Maybe your graphics hardware's incompatible 
with an effect.  That's in kcontrol (system settings that aren't system 
settings, but kde control settings, the kde3 name was FAR more accurate, 
and actually properly googlable, too!).  I'm running 4.5, which changed 
the layout some, but IIRC it was desktop, desktop effects.

2) Setup a different user, and see if they have the problem too.  Or with 
kde shut down (from a text login or gnome or...), move your ~/.kde or 
~/.kde4 or whatever it's called in your distribution, to ~/.kde.bak or the 
like, thereby resetting your user's defaults.  If that fixes the problem, 
it has to be in your user settings.  If it doesn't, you can move the 
directory back (again, with kde shut down) and won't have lost anything.

3) How did you get your kde?  If it's self compiled or Gentoo or the like, 
perhaps there's a library missing or conflicting.  Gentoo has a tool to 
help find such issues, called revdep-rebuild, or you can use ldd and scan 
for libraries that don't have an associated path.  Basically, you end up 
rebuilding one or more packages until your system linking is consistent 
once again.

Of course, 4.5 is out now.  If you're going to rebuild, you might as well 

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