Konqueror thinks ftp:// links are smb://

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Wed Sep 30 15:12:05 BST 2009

Does anyone else have problems with Konqueror like this?

Go here and click on any of the FTP links:


For instance:


I get errors like this:

The requested operation could not be completed

Access Denied

Details of the Request:

URL: ftp://arts.ucsc.edu/pub/cope/visions2.mp3

Protocol: ftp

Date and Time: 2009.09.30 Wed 06:36

Additional Information: smb://arts.ucsc.edu/pub/cope/visions2.mp3

Description:  Access was denied to the specified resource,

Possible Causes:  You may have supplied incorrect authentication details 
or none at all.  Your account may not have permission to access the 
specified resource.

Possible Solutions:  Retry the request and ensure your authentication 
details are entered correctly.  Contact your appropriate computer support 
system, whether the system administrator, or technical support group for 
further assistance.

<end of error page>

WTF?  smb??  (See the additional information bit.)

I don't even have MS systems around, and thus don't even have samba 

OK, seems I'm not the only one:

When accessing an ftp server with an http proxy set,
it tries to use the smb protocoll


Note: I have it set to use the proxy for HTTP ONLY, NOT for FTP, which 
remains unset, as the proxy (privoxy) only handles HTTP.

OK, so KDE's ready for normal use, eh...  Doesn't look like it here, 
despite what the PR says.  How many bugs like this does it take?

The bug (plus dups) is filed...  At least there's a workaround for this 
one, direct editing the file as described in the bug, to remove (or 
comment) the null ftp entry that the ioslave obviously doesn't treat as 

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