Weird problem with uk layout locking x server

Edgar Kalkowski eMail at
Fri Sep 11 22:40:41 BST 2009

Hello list!

I’m not entirely sure if this has something at all to do with KDE but as it only happens with KDE I post it here anyway.

I’m experiencing a very weird problem with keyboard layouts in recent KDE 4.3.1. I normally use the UK layout and with pure X it works well when set with setxkbmap. I also have some alterations to the layout done in a ~/.Xmodmap file which can be loaded by xmodmap in a pure X session without problem.

The only problem I have is when trying to set the keyboard layout to the UK one from within the KDE systemsettings (keyboard driver is evdev). If I do this my X eats up 100 % CPU every time I switch to a terminal login (Ctrl+Alt+F1 for example) and back to my KDE session. To elaborate: I change the keyboard layout to UK and switch to a terminal login via Ctrl+Alt+F1. I then switch back to KDE with Ctrl+Alt+F7 and end up with an almost completely locked up system as X is up to 100 % CPU load.

I normally do not use the terminal logins but as the system apparently also switches to a terminal when suspending and resuming this is kind of annoying. ;)

A workaround that works for me is to leave the KDE keyboard layout setting untouched and put “setxkbmap gb; xmodmap ~/.Xmodmap” in a KDE autostart script.

This is a rather strange bug and I spent many hours working out what exactly caused it (I deleted ~/.kde4 and reapplied my settings one by one switching to a terminal login after each setting and it always stopped working exactly after changing the keyboard layout). I hope if anyone has similar problems this might help! :) Or perhaps some dev knows where the problem lies and can fix this?


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