SSL/TLS-configuration in KDE 4.3

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Thu Sep 3 09:08:22 BST 2009

Duncan posted on Tue, 01 Sep 2009 22:52:56 +0000 as excerpted:

> Gunter Ohrner posted on Tue, 01 Sep 2009 23:15:26 +0200 as excerpted:
>> Gunter Ohrner wrote:
>>> Where and / or how can I configure SSL/TLS ciphers and methods in KDE
>>> 4.3, I wasn't able to find the corresponding configuration page.
>> Does noone have any idea where this configuration option went in KDE
>> 4.3?
> I don't.  Like you, I thought I knew where it was... and went to look
> (after reading your original post) and couldn't find it!

I was browsing bugs just now, checking the "most hated bugs" (aka most 
votes) and came across this:

KDE 4 SSL Certificate support incomplete

847 votes, #8 on the most hated list.  (Now 867, I just added my 20...)

FWIW, KDE bugzilla gives each account 100 votes, and allows up to 20 to 
be assigned per bug, so that's the equivalent of 42-plus (43 plus, now) 
people voting it as high as they possibly can -- or more voting it not 
quite as high (likely those spreading their votes over more than five 
bugs, this makes three, for me).

By contrast, the highest voted bug (5300+ votes) is against kmail, due to 
its locking up the UI (single-threading) when it tries to do anything 
taking major time -- checking mail when using external filters and 
attempting to verify an unverifiable gpg key are a couple examples.  It 
was imported from the /previous/ bug tracker back in 2002 (kde 3.0.0), 
and /still/ hasn't been fixed, thru all of kde3, and now into kde 4.3, 
altho it should simply go away with the kmail based on akonadi rewrite 
that will likely hit with kde 4.5.  kmail will then be basically a GUI 
wrapper around akonadi.

But back to the SSL support bug.  After reading the bug, it's obvious 
KDE4 simply doesn't have a proper setup for it yet.  Maybe for 4.4 or 
4.5... And they said even 4.2 was ready for "ordinary users".  Yeah, 
right!  The "ordinary users" who know so little about security they get 
fooled by a lock icon on the actual web page itself, and who stuff up 
"the tubes" with all the malware and spam they propagate because they 
simply don't care about security!  For those of us who /do/ care about 
security, actually being able to manage it is /kind/ /of/ IMPORTANT, you 

Oh, well, at least there's still firefox/icecat/iceweasel, tho I do wish 
the folks that had ported it to run with kde3/qt3 widgets instead of the 
gtk widgets it normally uses would have continued that.  With its 
increasing variety of extensions, something konqueror is never going to 
come close to unless it gets together with all the webkit folks and they 
come up with a common extension format (and even then, with iceweasel's 
head-start... tho Chromium and Safari would certainly help!), iceweasel 
is making a really serious run for my browser default, and stuff like 
konqueror failing to support proper SSL certificate management isn't 

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