Ways to switch activities (was: Re: Right-klick menu on workspace)

Patrick Nagel mail at patrick-nagel.net
Tue Sep 1 04:21:21 BST 2009


On 2009-08-30 20:56, Duncan wrote:
> [...] Note that it's possible to 
> have multiple "activities", as they are called.  Switching between them 
> is a bit awkward, normally accomplished by hitting the desktop "cashew", 
> zooming out, using add activity (menu in the top left corner, modified by 
> the location of any top-panel you may have) if you want a second one, 
> then zooming in on the activity you wish to use (bottom right "toolbox" 
> attached to each activity).
> In zoomed out mode, clicking on the configure/wrench icon in the toolbox 
> for each activity brings up the same "Desktop Settings" dialog, but once 
> you have more than one and set say the background different on the second 
> one, and the name, it's then obvious that each one is different.  Thus, 
> it's not a system setting, but a setting of the individual activity.
> Note that new to kde 4.3.0, it's now possible to use a different activity 
> for each virtual desktop.  (This is set in the configure plasma dialog, 
> wrench on the plasma menu when zoomed out, not in the individual activity 
> toolbox.)  That may be a more comfortable metaphor for some people, than 
> having two separate metaphors available to switch, the virtual desktop, 
> and the activity.
> The plasma menu, either from the cashew or in the menu that appears when 
> zoomed out, also contains a "Shortcut Settings" entry, which leads to a 
> dialog where you may set them.  By default, all plasma shortcuts are a 
> two-key sequence, Alt-D,<key>, where <key> is the chosen key assigned to 
> that function.  Using these shortcuts, it is possible to switch 
> activities, add new ones, delete old ones, etc, without resorting to the 
> cashew and zooming.  Except, at least here, it's tricky to get plasma to 
> detect the key sequence and actually do the action.  Sometimes it does, 
> sometimes it doesn't.  That may be related to an existing known bug with 
> multi-key sequences (see kde bug 161009).  Anyway, it's supposed to work, 
> but does seem rather buggy, even with default settings.

Just to give one more option on how to switch between activities: There is a
plasmoid called 'Activity Bar' which makes switching between activities easier.


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