Hangover from kde 3.5 in kde4 when launching file manager after plugging in a SSC card

Basil Fowler b.j.fowler at chanzy.eclipse.co.uk
Sat Nov 28 16:40:18 GMT 2009

Firstly, I was able to sort out yesterday's problem - it was not a KDE matter 
after all, but a sysconfig problem.

But I believe this one is:

As I mentioned previously, I have upgraded to Mandriva 2010.0 from 2008.1.
When  plug in USB storage and click on the icon with the USB sign, a flag 
comes up with the list "Devices recently plugged in".

On clicking on the device, a window appears in the centre of the screen with a 
list of actions. one action is "Open with File Manager" - so far so good.

When I click on this option, I get the error message:
KDEinit could not launch openoffic.org-2-2
Could not find openoffice.org2.2 executable

This is not surprising, since I have not had openoffice.org 2.2 on the 
computer for a long time.

I have "grepped" the entire .kde4 directory for any reference to this program, 
but have found none.

Any hints where to look? File Associations?


Basil Fowler 

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