kdm login and default window manager

Basil Fowler b.j.fowler at chanzy.eclipse.co.uk
Fri Nov 27 16:31:47 GMT 2009

I have been upgrading my Mandriva 2008.1 with KDE 3.5.3 to Mandriva 2010.0 
with KDE 4.3.2. Of course problems have arisen.

For guests have a very old computer set up as an X terminal in a spare bedroom 
connected via XDMCP to the main computer in my office. In Mandriva 2008, the 
KDE 3.5 window manager displayed OK on this terminal. But KDE 4 does not work 
well - there are a lot of transient gaps in the windows.

This does not not really matter because I can use XFCE4, which works 

My question is this: The login screen of KDM has a concealed drop-drown list 
of available window managers. I would like to arrange that the guest account 
defaults to the XFCE window manager, and my personal account to KDE 4.3, 
without having to invoke the said drop-down list.

Can this be done - and how?


Basil Fowler

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