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xPol posted on Wed, 25 Nov 2009 22:48:35 +0100 as excerpted:

>> You mentioned a possible reboot.  Have you tried simply quitting kde
>> (to the text virtual terminal) and restarting it?
> Quitting X, you mean?

Yes, X/KDE.  Once at the text prompt you could run top or ps or whatever, 
and ensure no remaining kded4 or similar processes exist (I've had them 
fail to quit, on rare occasion, tho at the time I was running a pre-
release kernel, with a new fnotify/inotify/dnotify/whatever 
implementation, that was still buggy and at the root of the issue), so 
you know there's nothing holding old/corrupt libraries in memory.  In 
theory it could be a system library as well, such that a reboot or switch 
to single-user-mode might be necessary, but chances are it's a kde or qt 
library, and quitting all kde/qt/X back to the CLI will clear them out of 

As another alternative, you could edit the plasma config files to 
eliminate references to that plasmoid.  This would be done with plasma 
not running, of course, altho X and the rest of kde could be running.  
I've done that myself at times, occasionally due to an unresponsive app, 
but more often simply because the nature of the changes I wished to make 
were easier editing the config file directly (at least once I knew where 
to look for it), than incrementally making the changes one at a time 
using the GUI.  If you'd prefer this, the locations to look are below.

The configs?  Under ~/.kde/ ~/.kde4/ , or whatever your distribution uses 
as your user kde config dir, share/apps/ and share/config.  The config 
location is normally for apps having only one or two files, the apps 
location for those having entire subdirs of files.  In this case, IIRC, 
the actual running config is stored in the config dir, in a couple 
plasma*rc files, while the downloaded plasmoid is in the apps location, 
under plasma*, as I recall, if you decide to manually delete it from 
there, as well.

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