the panel dictionary and the fancy tasks

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at
Wed Nov 25 20:37:35 GMT 2009

xPol posted on Wed, 25 Nov 2009 21:13:35 +0100 as excerpted:

> I am using kde 4.3.3.
> I have discovered that the widget release number is reported in the 'add
> widget' list. The 'panel dictionary' (the one that i cannot remove) is
> 0.3.1

Hmm...  The dictionary I have (icon is a book with ABC on it, name simply 
"Dictionary") is Version 1.0.  The bug report address is the standard 
panel-devel at, author, "The Plasma Team", so it's apparently 
shipped with kde 4.3.3 now.  querying my package manager reveals a and a plasma-dataengine-dict.desktop, both part of 
the kde-base/plasma-workspace-4.3.3 package (Gentoo), so that would 
appear to be where it's from.

You mentioned a possible reboot.  Have you tried simply quitting kde (to 
the text virtual terminal) and restarting it?  That /should/ give the 
libraries a chance to be dumped from memory and reload.  It's obvious 
you're either talking about a different plasmoid, or have an older 
version.  If it's the latter, perhaps you updated kde from an older 
version but you have a mix of the old and new libraries running.  Or, it 
could be that whatever package you have with that plasmoid in it didn't 
update, for some reason.

If it's an entirely different plasmoid, maybe something off of kde-look, 
and a kde-restart and/or reboot doesn't help, check for an update and/or 
recompile the plasmoid.  While you're checking for an update, you can see 
if there's any comments about it on the kde-look page.  Maybe someone 
else has an answer, or at least has the same problem, thus confirming 
it's not just you.

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