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Sun Nov 22 09:23:34 GMT 2009

Thomas Olsen <tanghus at> wrote:

> > Yes, I have the action in the device notifier. Before, it did nothing, now
> >  it opens Dolphin. I can also manually open the cd's "pseudo-folder" in
> >  Dolphin, then "audiocd:/" is automagically set in the address bar. In both
> >  cases, nothing appears in the folder view, it just pretends to. Clearly,
> >  there's something buggy there. Was not as clear earlier becuase I didn't
> >  even have action and/or audiocd: .
> > 
> > Denis  
> Yes it seems something is wrong and I have no idea what. Maybe you can try to 
> start dolphin or konqueror from the cli, type the audiocd:/ URL in the 
> location bar and see if it spits out any error messages?

Hum, gives nothing, but something is a bit weird. Usually, when starting an app from console, the saide console remains "pending" (waiting for the app to close before giving hand back). When starting dolphin instead I get the "invite" (how do you call that, thingies like ">>> " or "spir at o:/usr/share$ " ?) at once.
Is there another way to get error feedback (maybe dolphin has an error log file?)


la vita e estrany

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