Is there a howto on essentials.

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at
Sun Nov 22 16:34:18 GMT 2009

On Sunday, 2009-11-22, Draciron Smith wrote:

> First you HAVE to have it in a menu. Half the apps I want to add are
> not in any menu even after running desktop updater which didn't even
> find Firefox much less the more obscure apps I've installed.

Strange, sounds like Firefox wasn't installed properly. Part of its 
installation should have copied the menu entry file into one of the 
appropriate directories (usually /usr/share/applications).

> . I gotta
> seriously question the logic in locking users ourt of adding apps. It
> used too be quite simple. You right clicked, pasted or browsed the app
> command line in. You picked an icon and away you went.

That still works with the quick launcher as far as I can tell.

> What happened to Kedit? Man I love Kedit. Don't remember what it was
> about Kwrite I didn't like but I'm sure I'll remember real soon.

As far as I know it was moved to KDE extragear, i.e. became a separately 
releasable application like e.g. Amarok.
It seems to not there anymore so maybe a new maintainer moved it to a 
different repository or it became unmaintained.

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