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Fri Nov 20 16:01:53 GMT 2009

Thomas Olsen posted on Fri, 20 Nov 2009 13:50:34 +0100 as excerpted:

> You should just slip the CD in the tray and after a short while the
> Device Notifier (you will have to add that to your panel) will pop up.
> There you will be asked what to do with it. Choose "Open in Dolphin". It
> then uses the audiocd kio slave. Otherwise just write audiocd:/ in the
> location bar of Konqueror or Dolphin.

But that choice isn't there... for either of us.  Not with an audiocd.  
It's there with a datacd (or a usb thumbdrive or portable disk), but the 
action for datacd is specifically predicated on there being a filesystem 
on the device (among other things, this according to device actions in 
"the application formerly known as kcontrol"), and cdaudio isn't a 
filesystem, it requires a "virtual" filesystem such as the audiocd: 
kioslave, which is installed, but wouldn't show up as a filesystem for 
hal's notifications anyway.  And at least with 4.3.2 (I've not tried with 
4.3.3 yet, I think, actually, I think I had half 4.3.2 and half 4.3.3 at 
the time due to a change in the package manager that my config hadn't 
kept up with), adding a new, otherwise identical action, but without the 
filesystem constraint, did show the action in the popup, but clicking it 
did nothing, because the action wasn't setup quite right for the kioslave 
to handle it.

I suspect there's something missing in my config I need to setup for the 
kioslave and/or device action, if others get that action with pure 
audiocds and it works for them, but I've not played with it enough to 
say, at this point, and there's been two other posters wondering why it 
didn't work, now, so I'm not the only one for which it fails.

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