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spir posted on Thu, 19 Nov 2009 13:44:15 +0100 as excerpted:

> Kevin Krammer <kevin.krammer at> wrote:
>> All KDE notifications can be configured globally since all go through
>> KDE's notification service knotify.
>> Systemsettings -> Notifications
> By me (kde4.3.2) this cannot be set _globally_,
> only item by item. The reason for my question... 

> EDIT: Sorry, hadn't seen the checked box in side "player" tab.

You could of course try the system bell settings as well.  With the 
checkbox checked to use it instead of system notification, and the bell 
set to zero volume.

Meanwhile, if you do prefer to have it silent, you may want a more 
dramatic visual notification instead.   Again in "the application 
formerly known as kcontrol", under personal, accessibility, 
accessibility, bell tab, there's the Use Visible Bell option.  I haven't 
enabled it for kde4, but back on kde3 I used it, and found it VERY 
effective, if a bit disconcerting, at times, when a full-screen app 
suddenly reverses color momentarily!  By the time the display reverted to 
normal once again and my heart settled back to its normal place in my 
chest instead of my throat, I'd realize that it was the system bell and 
all would be fine, but it's **DEFINITELY** effective at getting one's 
attention, that's for SURE!

YMMV, but it's an option, and a drastically effective one at that, or at 
least I found it so.

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