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Anne Wilson posted on Thu, 19 Nov 2009 11:34:50 +0000 as excerpted:

> On Thursday 19 November 2009 10:38:41 spir wrote:
>> Anyway, I can hardly guess what the locked status is supposed to be
>> useful
>>  for, because it's hard to change a panel's composition unwillingly.
> I thought so too, but then someone pointed out to me that a child with a
> good sense of curiosity can do amazing things :-)

LOL!  So true!  And a good reason for a lock-widgets option.  (In fact, 
for this case, maybe it ought to require typing in one's password or 

Meanwhile, the lock-widgets thing is global, including the desktop 
widgets as well.  There's a bit more of a reason for it there.  Just 
turning off the floating toolboxes that appear beside desktop widgets 
when you go over them is enough on its own, here, as they can get quite 
annoying over time in "just use it" mode, but it's conceivable that 
someone might accidentally click on the delete button in that toolbox as 
well, and the lock-widgets button eliminates that possibility.

Also, while resizing is a bit difficult to do accidentally, moving isn't 
so difficult, as at least some desktop widgets let you click anywhere on 
them and drag.  That could be annoying if you've just spent a lot of time 
lining things up just so.

Oh, and a change introduced with 4.3, I believe, the "cashew" on a panel 
disappears in locked mode.  The desktop cashew still remains, but it's a 
lot less obtrusive than it used to be, and it fades to B&W unless the 
mouse is over it.  Getting rid of that visual clutter on the panels is 
nice.  (I don't mind either way on the desktop/activity cashew, 
especially now that it's a bit smaller and fades out, but it's a big 
enough issue for some people that one of the most popular plasmoids on 
kde-look is the cashew-buster.)

So there's reasons for the lock-widgets option, tho I agree, most of them 
apply more directly to the desktop activities than to the panels.  But as 
I said, disappearing the panel cashews is a BIG deal for some people.  If 
they're otherwise going to go to all the trouble to download and install 
a plasmoid to do it, they'll certainly not consider the lock/unlock 
option a problem.

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