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Tue Nov 17 11:29:34 GMT 2009

Mark O'Brien posted on Mon, 16 Nov 2009 15:28:16 -0800 as excerpted:

> Hi, I'm kind of a newbie to Linux and Ubuntu 9.10, I downloaded Klam AV
> and Scanned my system,then walked away and when I came back I had over
> 200 Viruses, all False/Positive, I have Windows XP too, Don't get Mad at
> me I've been wanting to try Linux for years and when I came around to it
> yesterday I couldn't resist,can you blame me??? anyway to make a long
> story short I want to know if I can restore all the contents of the
> Quarantine folder because Firefox and a few other programs won't work in
> Windows XP now. My fault for sure. You help will be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks for your time and keep up the great work. Ubuntu 9.10 is way
> better than Windows.

I'd suggest trying the Ubuntu forums, or perhaps the clamav forums or 
lists (assuming it has some, I don't know), as this doesn't have a lot to 
do with kde, the topic of this list, and you'll be lucky to find someone 
here that knows enough about ClamAV, etc, to help.  There's nothing wrong 
with your question, it's just in a different area than most here are 
going to be knowledgeable on, so you need to find a list/forum with more 
knowledge on the app you're having issues with, clamav.

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