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James Tyrer jrtyrer at
Sat Nov 14 09:08:50 GMT 2009

Thomas Olsen wrote:
> On 14/11-2009 01:05 paulo <paulo.jnkml at> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> if you check the pic:
>> Can anyone tell me how can I have the two clocks showing the same hour
>> please?
>> I think it might be a bug in the taskbar clock.
I think that it is more likely that you have a configuration problem.

>> Anyone with a similar problem?
> But you got a problem with your system clock. The mail you just sent is dated 
> for tomorrow.
Your system has a hardware clock.  This can be either set to either 
local time or UTC (the time at the 0 meridian).  Your local time is UTC 
+ 9 hours.

The problem appears to be that you have your system clock set to local 
time but the Plasma Digital clock thinks that it is set to UTC and is 
therefore adding 9 hours to the time.

I tried it on my system and it will function either way.  So, there 
isn't a bug but rather some configuration issue which is probably with 
your system rather than KDE.

On my Fedora/RedHat type system, this is set in the file:


The first line will be UTC=yes or UTC=no.

Your distro will probably be different and you might want to consult 
your distro's help list for assistance with this.

You might try changing your system to UTC and see if this cures the problem.

James Tyrer

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