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Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Thu Nov 12 13:26:14 GMT 2009

On Thursday 12 November 2009 12:35:51 James Tyrer wrote:
> I think that it would be better to say that I am analyzing the problems 
> rather than say that I am complaining.  Analysis is a very important 
> part of the engineering method.  The theory is that first you find the 
> fault and then you fix the fault.  It is very difficult to fix a fault 
> in you have not found it. :-)  We are now working on finding the faults 
> by analyzing the issues which I have found on my system in order to 
> determine whether these are KDE bugs and the to more exactly determine 
> the nature of the bugs.  I write good bug reports because first I 
> analyze the problem.  I have asked that members of the list assist me in 
> this effort.
Then can I suggest that you fix on one or two problems that you feel to have 
maximum impact.  The current scatter-gun approach does not lend itself to 
deeper investigation.

> You could actually be of assistance if you would provide clear and 
> detailed analysis rather than just saying that 'there is no problem'.
I never say 'there is no problem'.  I do sometimes (often?) say 'there is no 
problem here' - not the same thing at all, but it does suggest that the issue 
is not simply something that no-one got around to considering.  You have made 
a few personal remarks such as this recently.  Please stop.  They will not 
have any effect on me, so they are pointless and simply lower the tone of the 

On occasions where I have seen you to be looking at something objectively, and 
I can see some evidence of the problem, I have happily joined your 
investigation, as witness the recent occasion when you requested, and got, a 
sample file for investigation.

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