KDE-4.3.3 Bugs 6-10

James Tyrer jrtyrer at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 12 12:19:27 GMT 2009

James Tyrer wrote:
> 10.	GwenView doesn't handle EPS files with bounding boxes that are
> not the same as the page size.
And then we have the reverse problem with the file AW sent me.  Her EPS 
file does not have a page size (which is optional in an EPS file).  So, 
GwenView opens it and prints it correctly while although Okular will 
open the file OK, it will not print it as instructed because the 
instructions probably have no effect.  It appears that Okular doesn't 
use the information in the Print Properties for PS, EPS, or PDF files. 
This is somewhat correct behavior if the files have a page size but with 
an EPS with no page size, you have no control of how it is printed -- 
probably best to simply make a PS file with The GIMP and then print it.

James Tyrer

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