4.3.3 bugs

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Thu Nov 12 02:43:22 GMT 2009

On Thursday 12 Nov 2009 7:32:46 am James Tyrer wrote:
> Duncan wrote:
> > Anne Wilson posted on Wed, 11 Nov 2009 11:43:25 +0000 as excerpted:
> >> On Wednesday 11 November 2009 11:08:50 James Tyrer wrote:
> >>> James Tyrer wrote:
> >>>> Well, KDE-4.3.3 has escaped and I have a long list of little
> >>>> things that don't work correctly.  I would appreciate the
> >>>> assistance of users on this list to try to see that they are
> >>>> actually bugs in KDE, see that they are reported, and possibly
> >>>> fix some of them.
> >>>
> >>> Well, lets see.  I went though my notes again and found that some
> >>>  issues had been resolved.
> >>
> >> I'm still on 4.3.2, but..
> >>
> >>> 1.	Auto completion doesn't work in Konqueror (and other places).
> >>
> >> Not sure what you mean here, but in Konqueror if I start a url I'm
> >>  offered a list of sites already visited.
> >>
> >>> This is very frustrating since as you type, the list of suggested
> >>>  completions opens, but when I try to move the mouse to select
> >>> one, the list immediately closes.
> >>
> >> It works here.  No problem
> >
> > I'm on 4.3.3 and have been for a few days anyyway, now...
> >
> > As with Anne, this definitely works for me.  I hadn't noticed
> > anything strange but just tried it to be sure, and it does work.  So
> > this one's definitely a bug in the individual setup/installation.
> > That should help a bit.

Works for me too!

> Well, I first note that this is only an issue when using KDE-4.  It
> worked with KDE-3 and it works in Firefox.  And, it works when using the
> history list with the location in Konqueror.  So, there probably is a
> KDE-4 problem with X11 and the issue could be in X11.  X11 has been in a
> state of flux.  Now that 7.5 has been released, perhaps things will be
> resolved.  Are you using xorg-server-1.7.1 yet?
> Specifically, it could be a problem with: "xf86-input-mouse".  But I
> upgraded to 1.5.0 and it didn't help.
> >>> 2.	Select Folder dialog doesn't do 'hidden' files.
> >>>
> >>> Best place to test this is in System Settings: General -> About
> >>> Me:: Paths.  Try to set the Autostart Path.  So, you start at
> >>> Home.  The ".kde4" directory isn't listed, so enter "/." and you
> >>> get a list, but I can't use the mouse to select from them but see
> >>> #1.  IAC, you wind up having to type the whole path.
> >>
> >> It works here, and always has done as far as I can remember
> Wonder exactly what she is saying works.  Or, is this her usual attitude
> that there are no problems?

Unless we are talking of completely different things it works just fine here 
too. The tree view does indeed show me hidden files if i ask it to. And i am 
able to select ~/.kde/Autostart without typing in.

> > My setup is such that I can't confirm this one either way, here.  I
> > can confirm that I don't see .* aka "hidden" files, but as I don't
> > normally like "hidden" configs, the .kde, .kde4, and (unhidden) kde
> > homedir entires all three ultimately symlink to the same (unhidden)
> > kde4 dir.
> >
> > I've likely also changed the default for that entry, I'm not sure,
> > but it's presently pointed at the unhidden ~/kde/* path variant.
> Well, could you temporarily put ~/.kde4 and ~/.kde4/Autostart
> directories on your system so that you can try it?
> > So as I said, while I can confirm that it doesn't show hidden in the
> > list,
> I presume that you mean the treeview window.  But AW says that it
> works.  How can that be? :-P
> > and I believe that's by design,
> Yes, but it would appear that that is a design error since, as my
> example shows, you do need to be able to use 'hidden' (.*) files in the
> treeview window.  The best solution would be to have it possible to turn
> them on and off like in the KFiles dialog.

As i said i am able to select it in here. Did you miss seeing the option to 
show hidden files? Right click in the treeview and you should see the option.
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