KDE-4.3.3 Bugs 6-10

James Tyrer jrtyrer at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 12 02:32:57 GMT 2009

6.	Konqueror HTML toolbar sometimes fails to show up when needed and
then when enabled, it doesn't remember its place.

There is a new HTML toolbar which, if enabled, should be there whenever
an HTML or similar page is being viewed.  Sometimes, with no
reproducibility, it simply isn't there.  And then when I enable it, it
doesn't remember where it was last time it was there.

7.	To Desktop" is grayed out in the KNotes note titlebar context menu.

This makes no sense.  I figure that it must be a configuration issue.

8.	Preview thumbs of PS & EPS files in Dolphin part do not seem to use
landscape or rotate 90.

This works for PDF and the thumb for the test file in EPS format is
simply blank, but still vertical rather than horizontal.

9.	Preview thumb of EPS files in Dolphin part are blank.

10.	GwenView doesn't handle EPS files with bounding boxes that are not
the same as the page size.

The test files open correctly in GV.

Yes, I have a long list.

James Tyrer

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