4.3.3 bugs

Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Wed Nov 11 11:43:25 GMT 2009

On Wednesday 11 November 2009 11:08:50 James Tyrer wrote:
> James Tyrer wrote:
> > Well, KDE-4.3.3 has escaped and I have a long list of little things that
> > don't work correctly.  I would appreciate the assistance of users on
> > this list to try to see that they are actually bugs in KDE, see that
> > they are reported, and possibly fix some of them.
> Well, lets see.  I went though my notes again and found that some issues
> had been resolved.
I'm still on 4.3.2, but..

> 1.	Auto completion doesn't work in Konqueror (and other places).
Not sure what you mean here, but in Konqueror if I start a url I'm offered a 
list of sites already visited.

> This is very frustrating since as you type, the list of suggested
> completions opens, but when I try to move the mouse to select one, the
> list immediately closes.
It works here.  No problem

> 2.	Select Folder dialog doesn't do 'hidden' files.
> Best place to test this is in System Settings: General -> About Me::
> Paths.  Try to set the Autostart Path.  So, you start at Home.  The
> ".kde4" directory isn't listed, so enter "/." and you get a list, but I
> can't use the mouse to select from them but see #1.  IAC, you wind up
> having to type the whole path.
It works here, and always has done as far as I can remember

> 3.	Select Folder dialog won't go to the "Root" place.
It works here

> Using the same test case as #2, click the "Root" entry in the place
> list.  Nothing happens.  

It lists all directories under /

> Look at the treeview window; "Root" is missing
> from the top.
Don't know what you mean by that

> 4.	Some Konqueror KPart toolbars have the wrong names.
No idea what that means

> Not exactly sure if this is a bug but no denigration allowed:
> "Search Toolbar <search bar>" should be named "Main Toolbar <search bar>".
> "mainToolBar <khtml_kget>" has +/- the correct name but it appears that
> the name from the code slipped through.  It should really be names "Main
> Toolbar <khtml_kget>".
I don't understand the purpose of these comments.  Are you arguing with 
developers' decisions?  Or are you saying that these names cause problems for 

> 5.	Konqueror Extra ToolBar still doesn't use the global icon/text setting.
> This only happens if you use icons only for your toolbars and have
> selected it in System Settings: General -> Appearance::Style::Fine
> Tuning.  Text position of toolbar elements = Icons Only.
> When you first enable the Extra Toolbar in Konqueror, it will not follow
> this setting like the other toolbars do.  It will also show text.  For
> me, this problem keeps popping up when I configure the Extra Toolbar.
That does appear to be a bug.

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