Do you watch TV with Kaffeine?

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Sat Nov 7 08:09:45 GMT 2009

Bogus Zaba posted on Fri, 06 Nov 2009 20:36:46 +0000 as excerpted:

> Anne Wilson wrote:
>> I don't have TV on my system, and I need someone who does to help me
>> put a little info onto about it - what
>> it can do, any configuration that helps, any hints and tips.  If you
>> are willing to help, either edit the page yourself, or send me the text
>> and I'll deal with formatting, syntax etc.
> Do you want just KDE4 stuff ? I am a long-term user of Kaffeine 0.8.x on
> KDE 3.5.y and use if for digital television, but have not yet moved to
> KDE 4. Partly because I was not sure what the Kaffeine situation was for
> KDE 4. Understand there is now a KDE 4 version of Kaffeine at least in
> beta.

Kaffeine for kde4 has a LONG way to go to reach kde3's kaffeine 
features.  Last I checked, using the "live" sources version about a month 
ago, it had barely any more features than the default kde4 dragonplayer 
and the like -- IOW, it would play video, but that's about it -- none of 
the extra stuff that had people going to the trouble of installing a non-
kde-core kaffeine on kde3, instead of just using what shipped with kde in 
the first place.

HOWEVER, there *IS* an alternative, an an EXTREMELY good one at that.  
It's called smplayer.  smplayer is qt4 based, as is kde4, so other than 
switching from the xine-lib dependencies of kaffeine to the mplayer 
dependencies of smplayer (and kde4 uses both, xine-lib as a phonon/sound 
backend, and mplayer for mplayerthumbs, the kdemultimedia package that 
kde4 uses to generate video thumbnails), there's very few additional 
dependencies needed.

And smplayer has all those fancy control features that make kaffeine what 
it was on kde3.  In fact, it has at least one I always wished kaffeine 
had but it didn't, single-frame advance.  This is on the general computer 
video side, at least.  I don't have a TV card, so I can't personally 
verify comparability of features there, but it does seem to have basic 
controls for it, at least, and I've no reason to believe that would be 
inferior to its general computer based video controls, hardware 
permitting, of course.

So I'd not let the lack of a full-featured kaffeine stand in the way of 
your switch to kde4, if I were you, and I would DEFINITELY checkout 
smplayer. Actually, because it's only qt4 based, you should be able to 
checkout smplayer without even bothering your kde3 installation or 
worrying about kde4 at all -- just try smplayer, which should install qt4 
as a dependency if you don't already have it installed, and I expect 
you'll be able to cross the kaffeine equivalent mediaplayer worry off 
your switching worries list entirely!  It certainly was all the solution 
I could have wished for and more, here!

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