another new annoying feature

Werner LEMBERG wl at
Tue May 26 06:29:07 BST 2009

>> Any idea how I can get back the old behaviour (this is, just marking
>> the affected window without popping up)?
> I think that you should try changing the Taskbar configuration.
> Disable (uncheck) the option: "Show windows from all desktops"

Well, I actually want to see all windows from all desktop.  I just
want to configure the popping behaviour.

> Remember, you are using a SVN TRUNK snapshot and you can expect to
> have problems.

Sigh, indeed.  However, it's completely unclear to me (as a software
developer) how to introduce such a serious change without a
possibility to configure it...

BTW: Where can I find a NEWS file which describes the various KDE
changes (in the SVN) in detail?  Does such a centralized file exist?

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