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James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Mon May 25 15:43:11 BST 2009

Dotan Cohen wrote:
> 2009/5/22 James Richard Tyrer <tyrerj at>:
>> Dotan Cohen wrote:
>>> A user is looking for Sessions for Dolphin, this is how he describes
>>> the feature:
>>>> All I mean is providing the option for dolphin to open in the same state
>>>> it was in when it was closed. If you have, say, three tabs open and use
>>>> twin panes open, then its a pain setting these up all the time. Being
>>>> able to save state into profiles is even better. Most mature, well-
>>>> featured file managers do these things.
>>> I cannot find an issue on BKO however this seems familiar. Can
>>> anyonshed some light on this feature? Is it in development? Thanks.
>> Yes, this is a needed feature.  It is needed in Konqueror as well as the
>> current View Profile was not well thought out (it combines functions
>> that should be separate).
> I did not file the feature request on Dolphin as I see that Konqueror
> does have sessions. What, specifically, do you feel could be improved?
Konqueror View Profiles contain a configuration of Konqueror and 
optionally can contain stored URLs.  Perhaps some of the problem could 
be attributed to bugs.  Specifically, the number of open tabs and window 
divisions seems to be part of the configuration of Konqueror even if the 
View Profile does not contain URLs.  If that bug were fixed, the current 
system might be OK.  However, it appears to me that saving a 
configuration and saving content [URL(s)] should be two separate actions 
and the option should be whether to attach a configuration to content 
(currently even if the bugs are fixed, this is required).  A 
configuration does need a default URL to use when a new instance opens, 
but this should not override content already opened in a Konqueror instance.

I would take this one step further.  Although we would probably have to 
allow named configurations, I would also make it possible to create 
automatic configurations that were associated with one or more protocols 
  so that the configuration would automatically change based on the 
protocol of the URL that currently had focus.  We already have something 
similar; you will notice that some of the icons on the toolbars appear 
and disappear based on the content type of the URL that has focus.

This could be used to eliminate the need for the artificial division 
into "Web Browsing" and "File Management".  The universal browser is a 
feature of KDE, I do not understand what motivated the attempt to create 
the false separation, but then there a lot of things about the KDE 
project that I don't understand.


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