another new annoying feature

Werner LEMBERG wl at
Fri May 22 21:47:09 BST 2009

KDE 4.2.86 brought another feature which might be useful to many
others, but which simply annoys me -- and it seems that I can't switch
it off.

I'm talking about KDE's control bar which I've configured to hide
automatically.  However, if there is some window activity on another
virtual desktop, the control bar now becomes visible and stays so.
The idea is clear: The user should get informed that something's
happening.  Useful, certainly, for many people, but how can I
configure this?  I have to explicitly move the mouse over it to make
it disappear again.  Since I usually run Firefox as full-screen, the
popping up control bar hides its status bar...

Any idea how I can get back the old behaviour (this is, just marking
the affected window without popping up)?

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