KDE4 konsole: missing sessions, bell

Ryo Furue furue at hawaii.edu
Wed May 20 20:54:29 BST 2009


| > The result is curious.  In
| >
| >    Settings > Configure Notifications
| >
| > there is an item "Bell in Visible Session".  If you set "Show a
| > message in a popup" for this item, you'll see a popup
| > when you type "echo -e '\a'".  That means that this item is
| > indeed the bell we are talking about.
| >
| > Unfortunately, I can't get it work.  Nothing happens
| > if "Mark taskbar entry" is assigned to the bell.
| > Nothing happens, either, if "Run command" is assigned
| > and "/usr/bin/tput flash" is specified as its command,
| > even though the command itself works from the command
| > line.
[. . .]
| I didn't try anything fancy with this.  I just used 'mark taskbar
| entry' and  the tab flashes when there is a new event.

I see.  So, there's something wrong with konsole or in my
environment.  "Mark taskbar entry" doesn't seem to have
any effect.  At least, nothing happens with "echo -e '\a'".

By the way, is "taskbar" a synonym of "tab bar" of konsole?
At first, I wondered whether it might mean the task bar
at the bottom of the screen.  But, then you say "the tab
flashes" . . .


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