KDE4 konsole: missing sessions, bell

Ryo Furue furue at hawaii.edu
Tue May 19 20:12:55 BST 2009

Hi Anne,

| > 1. Now I don't find "sessions".  On the old konsole, I had
| >   a session (tab) that automatically SSHes me to a remote host,
| >   and another session that opens a root shell.  How can I have
| >   a similar capability?
| >
| Some, if not all of this can be done by setting up profiles
| (Settings > Manage Profiles).  I have one profile that gives me a
| root profile (/bin su -) with a different background, to make it
| obvious.  I don't have a profile for a remote connection, but I have
| a bookmark set up, that, together with keychain, automatically logs
| me onto a remote  box.

Thank you for the help!  That works perfectly.  Even a remote
connection can be done with a profile, with
"/usr/bin/ssh -X -l username remote.example.com" as its command.
(So, the notion of "session" of the old konsole
 is absorbed in that of "profile", it seems.)
I may also explore your method of using a bookmark.

| > 2. I miss the bell.  "echo -e '\a' "  does nothing on the
| >   new konsole.  For the old konsole, I chose a visible bell
| >   within the konsole configuration (not as a bash setting).
| >   For the new konsole, I don't see a configuration item
| >   regarding the bell.  On an emacs window, I can sound
| >   an audible bell, whose pitch and duration I can control
| >   with "xset b", which means the X-Window bell is working.
| >   Where should I look?
| >
| This I can't help with.  If a visible  bell will do, try setting
| notifications to flash the taskbar tab.

The result is curious.  In

   Settings > Configure Notifications

there is an item "Bell in Visible Session".  If you set "Show a
message in a popup" for this item, you'll see a popup
when you type "echo -e '\a'".  That means that this item is
indeed the bell we are talking about.

Unfortunately, I can't get it work.  Nothing happens
if "Mark taskbar entry" is assigned to the bell.
Nothing happens, either, if "Run command" is assigned
and "/usr/bin/tput flash" is specified as its command,
even though the command itself works from the command

Maybe it's time to submit a bug report.

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