migrating kmail stuff to kde4

Rick Miles frmrick at aapt.net.au
Tue May 19 09:36:49 BST 2009

On Tuesday 19 May 2009 04:54:15 pm Kevin Krammer wrote:
> On Tuesday, 2009-05-19, Anne Wilson wrote:
> > On Tuesday 19 May 2009 02:48:23 Rick Miles wrote:
> > > Can anyone provide instructions for migrating my kmail stuff from kde3
> > > to kde4?
> > >
> > > Besides the obvious ~/Mail directory what needs to be moved from
> > > ~/.kde? ... or indeed what can be moved safely?
> You only need to copy ~/Mail if you don't want to use that location any
> longer.
> > You can copy any or all of ~/.kde/share/apps and :/kde/share/config.
I'm using the same /home/rick directory for both my stable (12.2) and beta 
(current) slackware installs this was never before with kde.3 even though 
versions were different. I wasn't an "aware" linux user when things went from 
kde2 to 3 so I can't say what problems there might have been but I know that not 
all kde3 application configs worked well in in the kde-4.2.2 environment, 
konsole, kate and konqueror to name three I had problems with last time around
> You can even copy or rename .kde/
I have a .kde3 and a .kde4 and a script that symlinks a .kde to one or the other 
depending on which version of kde is installed on the system. Tested fine  for 5 
or 6 logins each way and was working well thereafter, I'm sure that's not the 
> It is quite weird though that you would have to copy anything at all.
> While some distributions decided to use a different base directory for
> KDE4, they usually also provide a migration tool which does the copying.
This is Slackware which ships everything vanilla just as upstream released it 
albeit after qt4 and kde4 came out of testing there are kde-compatability 
packages in extra if one wants to install them to run legacy kde3 aps on 4
> > > If you missed my comments in a previous thread I have lost my filters,
> >
> > I would guess that they are in one of the config files.
> Correct, kmailrc
I'll have another go at this again tonight (maybe) There may have also been a 
non-kde issue involved as somehow I had started an arecord script in the 
background and had a couple whooping great .wav's in my home directory taking 
that partition just about up to 100%. I did not know this untill I hit the icon 
to check mail and got a 'can't open, disk ful'l message. I killed the proccess 
deleted the .wav's and when I next tried kmail it said there was no user and 
asked if I wanted to configure one. I killed that popup to prevent any possible 
overwrites but when kmail came up everything had changed although my user and isp 
details remained intact.


Oh, Hi Anne, thanks for the input as well.


Rick Miles

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