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Rick Miles frmrick at aapt.net.au
Tue May 19 02:41:09 BST 2009

On Tuesday 19 May 2009 08:51:47 am D. R. Evans wrote:
> Rick Miles said the following at 05/18/2009 04:23 PM :
> > I do not remember exactly how it was in kde-4.2.2 but I did not have to
> > do any panel resize after logging into a new account. Default worked in
> > 4.2.2 although nothing was right in 4.2.1.
> That may well be true, but I can add from unfortunate experience that if
> one strays far from the default because one likes things to be small and
> take up less room, one quickly runs into trouble in various parts of KDE4.
> There are still several places where one cannot practically resize
> something to be the same as a size that worked in KDE3. I assume that the
> developers will eventually get around to fixing these things, but in the
> meantime it does tend to make KDE4 desktops look clumsy (I can't think of a
> better word) on large high-resolution displays, because things are bigger
> than one would like, either because:
>  1) KDE4 won't let you resize them to the size one wants, or
>  2) it does let you resize them appropriately, but in the process switches
> from a useful icon to a box devoid of information.
> It's one of those things that doesn't seem very important in the Grand
> Scheme of Things, but does significantly detract from the user's (or at
> least this user's) pleasure of using the desktop on some systems.
>   Doc

I've wandered way too far beyond what is deemed fit and proper and kmail has taken 
it upon itself to reorganise all my kmail configurations, remove my mail filters 
and create threaded mail folders which also conveniently containerise my mail 
according to the time on earth at time of arrival.

My offense was probably seting up a script called from /usr/bin/startkde which 
changes my ~/.kde between kde3 and kde4 dependinging on which version is 
installed on Slack system loaded, either 12.2 (stable) or /current (beta). 

Besides /kab, /kabc, and konquerors bookmarks.xml nothing else was copied over to 
the kde4 ./kde except share/apps/kmail and the share/config/ kmail .rc's.

Happily my kde3 .kde is intact so everything is still good there and that's where 
I'm writing from, on KDE-3.5.10 on the brink. I'll start a new thread .... matter

I could've figured you were a writer before checking out your website


Rick Miles

Written on Prickle-Prickle, the 66th of Discord, 3175 

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