KDE menus (Lancelot, Kmenu, Krunner) not respecting PATH?

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Thu May 7 19:47:20 BST 2009

Dotan Cohen wrote:
> I have a $HOME/.bin (yes, with the dot) in my PATH:
> $ cat .bash_profile
> export PATH
> However, it seems that Lancelot, Kmenu, and Krunner are ignoring this
> PATH and using the system PATH. For instance, I have a script
> "thunderbird" which sets environment variables for the Thunderbird
> email client. When I launch "thunderbird" from Konsole, I get the
> script in $HOME/.bin however when I lauch "thunderbird" from Krunner I
> get what's in /usr/bin instead. Is this intentional, and can I
> override it?
These applications aren't ignoring your PATH.  However KDM might be 
reseting the PATH or failing to source your $HOME login script(s).

First, there are the scripts:


if your system has these, they are run after the ".bash_profile" script. 
  Make sure that if they exist that they aren't screwing things up.

It is also possible that your distro has modified the KDM "Xsession" 
script.  This would be a normal thing to do since the one that KDE 
source includes is supposed to run with any shell and Linux normally 
uses only Bash.  However, the distro's "Xsession" script needs to:

         if [ -f $HOME/.bash_profile ]; then
             . $HOME/.bash_profile

         if [ -f /etc/xprofile ]; then
             . /etc/xprofile
         if[ -f $HOME/.xprofile ]; then
             . $HOME/.xprofile

Note that the first two lines are not needed if the first line of the 
script is:

#!  /bin/bash -

It is the "-" that matters.  Script syntax is very arcane -- it was 
developed when disks and memory were small. :-)


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