Konqueror and proxy

Irving Leonard irving.lp at feestudiantes.cujae.edu.cu
Fri May 1 01:26:13 BST 2009

I like to know the future plans of konqueror. The problem is that I "have" to 
use a proxy server (squid) to get to Internet, and the issue arise when I try 
to use a secure channel (https), it fails to authenticate over and over.
The thing that I prefer from KDE over Gnome is the tight integration, with it 
top player: konqueror. It is a wonderfull application,  you can make a lot of 
things with it but with this issue it fails to do it "main" funcion: web 
So if somebody can give me an answer, an explanation or something, I just want 
to know why it didn't work (and if it will).
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