Shortcuts for launching programs

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Fri Jun 26 08:02:29 BST 2009

Dotan Cohen wrote:
>>> Tux is the key between Ctrl and Alt on the left side of the keyboard.
>>> The key with the outline of a penguin.
>> Ah - one of the elusive Cherry Linux keyboards.
> No, it's just a sticker!
>> You're welcome, but I have to say, finding it in systemsettings did not seem
>> at all strange to me.  Where else would I look?
> I agree about it being in System Settings. I do not agree about it
> being buried in a right-click menu item on a tree-list without a label
> or a hint. I passed right over that place three times before writing
> to the list. If below-average intellegence, unfamilar-with-KDE noobs
> like me cannot find it, then that is a bug.
Oh, there is a right click menu.  I didn't find that.

James Tyrer

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