Closing abandoned bugs

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Mon Jun 15 17:49:07 BST 2009

> The way in which bugs are closed on b.k.o. often does not reflect reality;
> isn't there some way to get some kind of new tag which effectively means
> "abandoned"?

I would close them as INVALID with an explanation in the last comment.

> Using WONTFIX has a problem: it tells future sufferers "don't bother to
> file this, no matter how important it is to you, because we aren't going to
> fix it". Also, if someone *does* submit the same bug later, it's likely to
> be marked as a dupe without any thought about the fact that the first time
> around WONTFIX didn't mean what it normally means.

I have seen WONTFIX such abused, see here:

Does Aaron really intend on not fixing that situation?

Dotan Cohen
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