Printer support in KDE 4.3

Robin Atwood robin at
Sun Jun 14 12:11:40 BST 2009

On Sunday 14 June 2009, James Richard Tyrer wrote:
> Robin Atwood wrote:
> > On Saturday 13 June 2009, Dotan Cohen wrote:
> >>>> What features, specifically, do you like? Add them to the bug I
> >>>>  filed!
> >>>
> >>> The specific feature which I like is that "Properties" allow you
> >>> to completely control printer features based on a PPD file.
> >
> > Am I missing something here?
> Yes. :-)

As usual! 

> > You can specify all the properties from the "Properties" button on
> > the print dialogue,
> Actually, not.  The issue is which properties you can specify and how
> this information is obtained.

I have an Epson Photo printer R310 with CUPS and Gutenprint installed. 
File/Print.../Properties/Advanced gives you a huge list of values including 
resolution. However, you must go into the CUPS printer administration page 
where you can tweak just about everything. Most of it is incomprehensible to 

Robin Atwood.

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