Desktop-Folderview doesn't keep itself in sync with content in 4.2.90

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Sat Jun 13 21:33:32 BST 2009

Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Friday 12 June 2009 23:09:51 Clemens Eisserer wrote:
>> Hello,
>> My Desktop-Folderview doesn't keep itself in sync with the real content.
>> E.g. when I drag files to desktop they are not displayed, although I
>> can see it in dolphin.
>> After logout/login they are displayed properly.
>>  Is this a known problem, or should I report it?
> Clemes, I'm not a developer, so I'm only guessing - perhaps it is a matter of 
> saving resources that it is not refreshed very often.  However F5 does refresh 
> folder views, as well as dolphin screens and many other things.

KNotify should handle this.

As I said in my other posting, it works in 4.2.91 so it is a moot point.

James Tyrer

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