Bookmarks in KDE4 konsole

Chris Jones jonesc at
Mon Jun 8 10:08:33 BST 2009


> In KDE3 konsole I can have a bookmark with the address "ssh -X -C -t -p 45637 
> user at host.domain". Basically I can save any command from the command line as a 
> bookmark. With KDE4 the bookmarks seems to be limited to ssh:// URLs. Thats 
> the problem. I have to setup a connection in ~/ssh/ssh_config. Normally I 
> connect in different ways with ssh to a host. Setting up host specific 
> parameters in ssh_config would limit any ssh connection to the host to the 
> configuration I made in ssh_config. Therefore I normally don't use it.

Well, all I can say is that doesn't work for me here. I've tried various 
ways of putting a direct ssh command into a bookmark and cannot make it 
work. Curious...

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