Kuickshow in KDE4

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Sat Jun 6 12:46:42 BST 2009

Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Saturday 06 June 2009 09:59:51 Sven wrote:
>> Too bad. I liked the speed and simplicity of Kuickshow
> BTW, it *is* still under development.  It's not the fastest moving development 
> - there are not the resources that the big applications have - but there has 
> been a slow, steady stream of improvements over the last two years.
Change log doesn't indicate that, but ... .

Apparently after being missing since Aug 2001, Carsten Pfeiffer has 
started working on it again, but don't know when.

There is still nothing posted on the SF website, but I checked it out 
from extragear and it compiles OK.  However, although the GUI works with 
KDE-4, it still uses the obsolete and orphaned Imlib to render the 
images and I noticed minor issues with displaying which are probably due 
to the old library not getting along well with compositing and/or XCB. 
The speed is due to the use of Imlib, I presume that, but don't know if, 
Imlib2 would be as fast.  The speed is nice, loading an image with 
ImageMagick (display) is slow by comparison (and the Xaw GUI isn't 
really modern or easy to use).

While it will be useful to have KuickShow ported to KDE-4, I don't see 
this as the real answer to the issue of having a way to "just view the 
file" (with needed features to make adjustments) for all types of media 


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