Kuickshow in KDE4

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Sat Jun 6 00:02:53 BST 2009

Sven wrote:
> Hi,
> About 6 month ago there were some posting about Kuickshow in this maillist. 
> Has there been any progress in porting Kuickshow to KDE4 ? I have search the 
> net but not found anything.
Well, they fired the developer that has been asked to look into it. :-)

Basically, it appears to me that if the wanted features can be added to 
GwenView that that would be a better alternative.

Note that porting Kuickshow will not be a simple task since it will 
require two ports.  The GUI would need to be ported from Qt-3 to QT-4 
and the image rendering would need to be ported from Imlib-1 to 
something else.  It uses Imlib-1 which is an orphan and the current 
Imlib-2 is not a compatible library.  Or, we could use kimgio (and some 
KolourPaint code if needed).

Are there specific features that you are looking for?

I would like to have Gamma adjustment and color TV like controls 
(Brightness and Contrast, etc.).  The way these are implemented in 
KuickShow could use some improvement -- spinbox with slider:

<-------I------> |______|

would be better IMHO.


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