Bookmarks in KDE4 konsole

Chris Jones jonesc at
Thu Jun 4 09:38:42 BST 2009


> I'd help if I could, Klaus.  All I know is that I made a connection using the 
> normal ssh command with -X as a parameter, then bookmarked it.  When I edit 
> the bookmark I see no sign of -X, but X forwarding does work.

Open one of your ssh bookmarks, then in a terminal on the local machine 
run 'ps x'

you should see something like

15569 pts/11   Ss+    0:00 ssh -l <username> <hostname>

i.e. no command line switches.

> Did you try editing the ~/.ssh/config file as Chris suggested?

Last time I looked into this, my conclusion was this was the *only* way 
to do it.

A few links explaining how to do it are

but there are many many more


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