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Dennis <dennismail at> posted 200907311900.46968.dennismail at,
excerpted below, on  Fri, 31 Jul 2009 19:00:46 +0200:

> Oh, this is an important point. Nevertheless, I want to add that it has
> to be possible. The reason for this is: Before I reinstalled the whole
> system, I made an upgrade from Kubuntu 8.04 (KDE 3) to 9.04 (KDE 4) -
> and after rebootng the system, I both did get an KDE 4 desktop and
> working key bindings. I know that this may also be related to some of
> Ubuntu' s known technology, but it was working - I saw it on my own
> laptop.
> And also, I can switch the cube on with <CTRL>-<F11> (default
> settings)... I also tried to only use 2 keys (eg <CTRL>+<LeftMouse>),
> but no single button of my mouse was recognizes. So the question is:
> What goes wrong here? I doubt that it' s a general question, because I
> can left-click on things in my KDE 4 desktop, so the first step would be
> to find out why left mouse button is not taken at all for ANY (!) key
> binding function.

That's what I'm saying, that the key binding buttons are keyboard, not 
mouse.  So Ctrl-F11 works as that's keyboard-only, but it won't map a 
mouse button.  (Unfortunately it also won't map say Esc,F11, or Ctrl-
Esc,F11, tho it'll match simply Ctrl-Esc or as mentioned, Ctrl-F11.  IOW, 
it works with the mod keys, Ctrl, Alt, Meta, Shift, in combination with 
another (single) non-mod keyboard key, but not with mouse buttons, and 
not with two non-mod keyboard keys.)

If you had it working with Ctrl-MidMouse immediately after the upgrade, I 
don't know what to say, unless perhaps it can read them out of the config 
file and was doing so, but can't detect them or write them back correctly.

Which brings up an interesting question.  What happens if, without KDE 
running (so from a text console or from Gnome or anything else other than 
KDE), you edit the appropriate config file itself (using whatever non-kde 
text editor), set it to Ctrl-MidMouse or whatever, save it, then restart 
KDE?  The only problem there is that it may be difficult or impossible to 
figure out what notation it would use (MidMouse, MiddleClick, 
MiddleMouse, Mid-Mouse, mid-mouse, Mouse3, M3, MouseB3, Btn3...) if it's 
not there, even if it would honor it if you could figure it out.

The file should be $KDEDIR/share/config/khotkeysrc, I believe, where 
$KDEDIR will probably be ~/.kde or ~/.kde4 or some such.

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