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> It it possible to make desktop settings global so they will be applied
> to all users (unless they override them on ~/.kde4)?

Good question.

I'd have suggested the $(kde4-config --prefix)/share/config that you 
already tried.  If you've tried it and it doesn't work, I don't know...

Other than that, the traditional *ix admin solution of course is to setup 
a default user setup (.bashrc and the like, usually, plus whatever else 
the sysadmin wants for a default user) in /etc/skel or similar location 
as configured by your distribution or admin.  Whatever is there is then 
copied to a new user's $HOME whenever they're setup, normally 
automatically, if the appropriate config tools are used.

Of course, that doesn't affect existing users, but then it's not supposed 
to.  Presumably, they either don't use whatever apps, or do and already 
have their own customization setup.  In either case, they probably don't 
want the sysadmin screwing with their already configured setup.

See the useradd manpage for the documentation on one such (CLI) tool.  
kde has kuser for a graphical version, but I'm not sure whether it uses 
/etc/skel and has full featureset of useradd, or not.

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