Is there a way to get a kde3 color scheme into kde4?

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Sat Jul 25 14:39:01 BST 2009

Matthew Woehlke posted h4dgsh$vsu$1 at, excerpted below,
on Fri, 24 Jul 2009 18:42:08 -0500:

> Duncan wrote:
>> Matthew Woehlke <elided> wrote:
> Bah! :-)
> (Have I mentioned that the two-line attribution is also rather
> overkill?)

Actually... now that you mention it... the reason I've not fixed that yet 
after I decided to change it is due to... guess what... color issues! =:^P

Specifically, kde3 -> gtk2rc exported colorscheme tooltip color issues.  
For some reason (I concluded, possibly incorrectly, that it's qt3 
hardcoded tooltip color for either foreground or background, IDR which), 
kde3 only had one tooltip color setting, not both foreground and 
background.  While well considered kde3 colorschemes worked around that 
by always choosing a color for the settable option that contrasted well 
enough with the hard coded one to be readable, kde3's -> gtk2rc export 
code, which should have used the apparently qt3 hard-coded value for the 
non-schemed one, didn't work that way, resulting here in virtually zero 
contrast foreground/background tooltips -- unreadable.

But since the only two gtk2 apps I use are iceweasel/firefox, which has 
its own color scheme, and pan, for newsgroups and mailing lists like this 
one which I view thru gmane's list2news gateway, and I've used for years 
and am thus familiar enough with it not to need the tooltips for normal 
operation, for that same normal operation, I could simply ignore the 
unreadable tooltips as I didn't need them anyway.

Unfortunately, pan's attribution customization uses preset parameters 
documented... you guessed it... in tooltips.  So using kde3's exported 
colorschemes, I can't see the parameters I need to customize the 
attribution. =:^(

OK, so I'm on kde4 now and have edited kde4 colors (and have it too set 
to export colors to non-kde apps), why isn't pan using the kde4 colors 
instead of the kde3 colors?  Long story short, because I sometimes run 
pan from a konsole window, and konsole's environment is rather different 
than that which kde exports to apps it runs directly (kmenu or the run 
dialog), and because I was already invoking pan using a shellscript 
wrapper to setup other parts of its config, I set the wrapper to export 
the same gtk2rc values as kde3 gave it, and those aren't the same as the 
kde4 values, so it's still using kde3's gtk2rc.

But as it happens, I did try the kde4 -> gtkrc2 exported version based on 
my present kde4 color scheme (kdelook), and while it does solve the 
tooltip issue, it has other issues, the biggest being near-zero contrast  
between the window background and the scrollbar and trim, so I can't see 
the dividing line and scrollbar between various sections of the pan 
window.  Since I need to see them more than I need to see the tooltips 
for the most part, I've continued using the kde3 -> gtkrc2 versions... 
until such time as I can dive in and hand tweak my color configs a bit 
more, at least.

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