Is there a way to get a kde3 color scheme into kde4?

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Sat Jul 25 01:26:00 BST 2009

Duncan wrote:
> Matthew Woehlke wrote:
>> Duncan wrote:
>>> When I asked about the color scheme, I was actually thinking about the
>>> active kde3 scheme, not importing from say kdelook or the like.
>> Hmm... given that we can't know what $KDEHOME for KDE3 is, that, as you
>> say, is the hard part.
> <brainstorming> Well, using the literal substring $KDEHOME in the path 
> would be one solution, but admittedly an ugly one for the "ordinary 
> user".  Perhaps a bit less ugly would be just using the ~/.kde*/share/... 
> form... but honestly, while it'd work, it's still too ugly and scary for 
> our "ordinary user"...

I meant in the case that KDE3's 'KDEHOME' is not the same as for the 
active KDE4 session. (Which I think isn't horribly uncommon using 
pure-distro KDE, especially if they are still shipping some KDE3 apps, 
e.g. Fedora.)

Ick. One-shot import from 'actual' $KDEHOME, guessing that there is KDE3 
config there, is... specialized. (As in, not something I'm hugely 
inclined to have a button for.)

> What I'm visualizing however would be either a help button by the import, 
> explaining the default location and that it's just that, default, the 
> user may have to adjust it, or working it into the help page and the 
> what's this help.

That (adding it to the generic help) sounds fine. Along with several 
other things. I wish I knew where that doc was, if it exists :-).

(Oh, hey, the "help" button does something. It shows the KDE3 era doc. 
Hmm... Where or where is that doc that I might edit it? (Serious 
question, I don't know.)

> (Hopefully the reply in general makes some sense.  It does from here, but 
> honestly, I'm in no condition to make that judgment ATM, so if it doesn't 
> I apologize.)

Seemed fine, no worries. Sorry for the delay, was sitting on this until 
I had more time to read over it.

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