Is there a way to get a kde3 color scheme into kde4?

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Sat Jul 25 00:27:49 BST 2009

Matthew Woehlke <mw_triad at> posted
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> There is the generic preview; button, window, view with one view row,
> one selection row, and the abbreviated "!", "=", etc. The other preview
> (two rows with "normal", "inactive", etc. spelled out) is the "set
> preview".
> That one I am not going to attempt to code the set into the tooltip
> (would be hard I think, especially to get the i18n right). The generic
> one has e.g. "Window Normal Text against Window Normal Background", and
> so forth.

It suddenly occurred to me that perhaps we're over-thinking this a bit.

Question:  Is there a reason it's abbreviated rather than spelled out in 
the primary preview location?  The !/=/+ seems like domain specific 
shorthand to me, that being what bothers me, begging for an explanation, 
tooltip, whatever.  If the words were used, as on the colors tab when 
other than common colors is chosen, at least here, it'd be better than a 
popup could do explaining that (better since the info would be obvious 
even without the popup).  That would leave the popup for the more general 
description ("Window Normal Text against Window Normal Background", etc), 
as you indicated.

OTOH, there might be i18n reasons for your choice.  Since I'm effectively 
monolingual I'm not particularly familiar with that side of things.  But 
if that's the case, then wouldn't the same i18n issues apply to the full 
word descriptions on the colors tab when other than common colors is 

Or maybe with the buttons in there, it's due to low res spacing issues.  
But it didn't seem to be, as if I'm not mistaken, the primary preview 
(abbreviated) has fewer elements (other than the button, etc) to 
describe, and there's already a horizontal scroller if it gets too 
narrow, so it seems to me it should turn out about the same.

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