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On 2009/07/23 20:25 (GMT+0100) Anne Wilson composed:

> On Thursday 23 Jul 2009 20:17:53 Bob Stia wrote:

>> On Thursday 23 July 2009 11:37:59 Felix Miata wrote:

>> > When I'm using K3B to copy a DVD, first I open K3B, then I put in the
>> > DVD, and then Kaffeine opens the DVD. After closing Kaffeine I tell K3B
>> > to start the copy process. When it's done saving an iso image to disk, it
>> > prompts for a new blank media. Once I respond, K3B continues, but then
>> > Konq opens itself and tries and fails to open the newly inserted media.

>> > Is there a way to prevent Kaffeine and Konq from automatically opening on
>> > media insert when K3B is already running, but not otherwise, in 3.5.x?
>> > What about when running 4.x instead of 3.5.x?

>> What I do is put the blank DVD in first. When the "What do you want to do?"
>> message comes up I click "Do nothing" Then I open K3B, it finds the blank
>> media and happily copies to it. This is KDE 3.

> I do exactly the same in KDE4.

I get the impression neither of you understood all of what I wrote.

If I put in a blank DL DVD without Konq or K3B already open, Konq opens up
and gives an error message in a popup window: 'Method "Mount" with signature
"ssas" on interface "org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.Volume" doesn't exist'.

Ordinarily I make don't close K3B unless I don't plan to use it for another
right after, which means I copy one DVD to iso file, then burn the iso, then
repeat. So, there's no logical reason to close K3B just to have to wait on
the "what do you want to do" popup to open it yet again. It really doesn't
matter if K3B is already open or not, because the popup happens in any event.
What's really more stupid is after K3B made an ISO out of the original and
asked me for the blank disk, the Konq popup and error of my previous
paragraph occur anyway. The fact that K3B was already using the sr0 device
ought to have blocked the action chooser window (or Kaffeine) when the
already recorded DVD is inserted to copy from, and blocked the Konq window
from opening when the blank was inserted to copy to.

Once an "always do this" box is applied to a chooser window choice, where do
you go later to change that choice?
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