Kate tabbing on enter

Billie Erin Walsh bilwalsh at swbell.net
Sat Jul 18 16:49:36 BST 2009

Dotan Cohen wrote:
> In Kate in KDE 3, when I would press enter on a indented lines, the
> next line would have the same indention. However, a second enter would
> put the cursor at the beginning of the next line. I cannot seem to get
> this behaviour out of Kate in KDE 4, subsequent lines are always
> indented. How can I configure Kate to not indent after the second
> enter?
> Thanks!

If I understand what your saying it doesn't work that way on my machine. 
I type a line, <enter><tab> and it indents the next line. Type 
something, <enter> and the next line is back to the left margin.

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