Q: how to stop mouse wheel scrolling though desktops?

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Tue Jul 14 07:26:11 BST 2009

"D. R. Evans" <doc.evans at gmail.com> posted 4A5B99D7.2000201 at gmail.com,
excerpted below, on  Mon, 13 Jul 2009 14:32:23 -0600:

> I tried asking this on the kubuntu reflector, but did not receive any
> useful replies :-(
> -----
> Ever since moving to jaunty, whenever I move the mouse wheel while
> positioned on a desktop, I get moved to another desktop.
> I find the behaviour infuriating -- far too easy to move away from the
> desktop I want in error. But I've looked in what seems to be the obvious
> places in System Settings, and can't find any way to disable this.
> Yes, I've googled. I've seen the question asked several times, but no
> answer (other than replies to the effect of "I know this can be
> controlled, but I forget where").

This would appear to be another item to add to the thread listing kde3 
features that aren't in kde4 yet. =:^(

I've not done a bug search on it yet, but in kde3, the wheel on desktop 
switches desktops option was a checkbox under multiple desktops 
(available from the desktop context menu, configure desktop, in kcontrol, 
desktop, and in the config menu, again under desktop).

In kde4, the multiple desktops kcontrol aka systemsettings applet still 
exists, but as of 4.2.4 anyway, that checkbox is gone.  (I'm still 
running a kde3 based desktop, but with kde4 installed, too, so I can run 
systemsettings and check it, but can't check the kde4 desktop itself 
without leaving X and starting kde4 instead of kde3.  Thus I know the 
multiple desktops applet is still in systemsettings, but can't confirm 
whether it's available in the other locations that kde3 has it.  But no 
matter, if it doesn't have that checkbox anyway, which it doesn't.)

However, that's still 4.2.4.  Someone running the 4.3 betas might be able 
to tell you if they have that checkbox or not, now that I've posted where 
it can be found in kde3.

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