What's the official status of 3.5.x, anyway?

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Mon Jul 13 17:10:46 BST 2009

Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Monday 13 July 2009 07:54:10 Dotan Cohen wrote:
>> Exactly, so KDE 3 is unmaintained. Don't get mad, but don't say
>> "the maintainers of those programs decided to spend their time on
>> the KDE 4 version of it or not at all any longer on the program."
>> and then claim that KDE 3 is still maintained. It is not.
> I'm beginning to think that there is some sort of language problem
> here.  It has been said several times that some applications are no
> longer maintained. That is not the same thing as KDE3 being no longer
> maintained.
Yes, that is somewhat correct -- at least you have a valid point.

We could probably live with applications not being maintained since 
there are probably other applications applications that can be used.

The question is really if the KDE DeskTop 3.5 is being maintained.  That 
is are KDELibs and KDEBase being maintained?

That is, if I report the bug with KNotes will it be fixed or just marked 

James Tyrer

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